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  • Theory Z by William Ouchi

    Theory Z is a management theory developed by William Ouchi as a response to the cultural differences between Japan and the United States in the realm of organizational practices. Theory Z emphasizes employee involvement in decision-making, long-term employment, and a focus on building strong relationships between employees and management. It combines elements of both traditional American management practices (Theory X) and Japanese management practices (based on the concept of "lifetime employment" and collective decision-making).

    When applied to an online community, Theory Z can guide community management practices by highlighting the importance of fostering meaningful relationships and involving community members in decision-making processes. Implementing Theory Z principles within an online community involves valuing and empowering community members, providing opportunities for participation and collaboration, and nurturing a sense of belonging and loyalty. By emphasizing long-term engagement and building strong relationships between community members and administrators, online communities can cultivate a supportive and participatory environment that encourages sustained involvement and enhances the overall community experience.

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