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  • Trollface

    Trollface, also known as "Coolface," first emerged on internet forums in 2008 and quickly gained popularity as a symbol of trolling and internet mischief. The image typically features a black and white cartoon face with a mischievous grin, often accompanied by the caption "problem?" or "u mad bro?" 

    The use of trollface is often associated with intentionally provocative and disruptive behavior online, such as posting inflammatory comments or deliberately derailing online conversations. While some may use it in a playful or humorous way, others use it as a means of cyberbullying or harassment.

    In online communities, the use of trollface can be seen as a form of trolling, which refers to the act of deliberately provoking or upsetting others online. Trolling can take many forms, from posting offensive comments to spreading false information or disrupting online conversations. The use of trollface can be a signal to others that the person is engaging in trolling behavior, and can be seen as a way to assert dominance or create chaos within a community. As such, the use of trollface is often discouraged or even banned in online communities that aim to foster positive and respectful interactions between users.

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