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  • White nationalism

    White nationalism is a far-right ideology that seeks to promote and maintain a white majority in society, typically through immigration restrictions, segregation, or even the forcible removal of non-white people. It is often characterized by a belief in the innate superiority of white people and a fear of losing cultural or political dominance to non-white groups. White nationalists often espouse racist and xenophobic views, and their beliefs have been linked to acts of domestic terrorism and hate crimes.

    While white nationalism is often associated with overtly extremist groups such as neo-Nazis or the Ku Klux Klan, its ideas can also be found in more mainstream political discourse. Some politicians and commentators have promoted anti-immigrant or anti-minority policies under the guise of preserving traditional culture or protecting national security, effectively advancing a white nationalist agenda.

    White nationalist ideas have found fertile ground on certain corners of the internet, where anonymity and a lack of accountability can allow extremist views to flourish. Online forums and social media platforms have been used by white nationalists to recruit new members and spread propaganda, often using coded language or dog whistles to avoid explicit endorsement of racist beliefs. Some platforms, such as 4chan or Gab, have become notorious for hosting white nationalist content and fostering a sense of community among far-right extremists. However, many online communities have taken steps to combat hate speech and extremism, such as by banning white nationalist groups or removing content that violates their terms of service.

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