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This application will give users the ability to create records from their preferred videos on both YouTube (including regular and short videos) and Vimeo. The application automatically retrieves video thumbnails so all you need to do is enter the video title, paste the URL, and optionally add a description – that's it.

Key features of this application include:

  1. Integrated to YouTube Data API to grab data from videos via search to add them quickly.
  2. Two options to choose how the index will look like: Blocks or Tabs.
  3. Two options to choose how the videos will be displayed in the index: Grid or Carousel.
  4. Unlimited categories with support for unlimited parent-child relationships.
  5. Customizable category icons.
  6. Flexible options to enable comments and reviews system per category.
  7. Ability to add polls to videos.
  8. Extra Fields group that can be used per category.
  9. Additional Videos: videos added within a video.
  10. Profile tab to display the videos submitted by the profile owner.
  11. Thumbail management.
  12. Several places to display advertisements.

Other features:

  • Integrated with the framework, including features such as search, tags, follow functionality, reactions, and more.
  • Tool to import video records from the Videos application from Mike.J


  • Settings to control the app behavior in several places/situations.

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$45.00 · Renewal Term: $20.00/12 months
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