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  1. Description:
    This app will allow the admins to add fake members in the online list. When you add a fake member online, you can also add the number of minutes that you want that particular member to be online. A task will run every half hour to remove the expired fake sessions from the online list. This can be very useful for start up forums as well as for those forums where there is not much activity. It will make the forum look busy and it might attract new users and boost the activity. To keep things real, fake members will appear to read random topics, which they are allowed to view permission wise. You can select a certain forum or forums, whose topics you do not want to be showed up as being read from the fake members in the online list. You can view all fake members that have been added to the online list at the app 's log page. 
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  2. Advanced Widget Settings adds advanced options to the widget settings. You can control all widgets to display for a specific group, specific members, specific date and specific URLs.
    Suppose you want to:
    Display a widget for a specific user group.
    Display a widget at a specific date range
    Disable displaying a widget on a specific date
    Start displaying a widget on a specific date.
    Display a widget in a specific URL.
    Display a widget in a specific URL and its sub-links.
    When the widget is off, display custom content instead (using the IPS editor)
    This app does it for you and works on all widgets (3rd-party and the IPS widgets).
    Enter specific URLs, so that the widget is displayed only in those URLs.
    Demo : https://ips.valacoding.com/index.php?/topic/12-bebop-publishing-will-release-a-limited-edition-of-justice/&tab=comments#comment-12
    Note that some widgets use the cache system. In this case, you must disable the cache with this option to access the current URL. Enabling this option may reduce performance on large boards. Use this option when your widget does not work properly in the settings you specify.
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  3. This app lets you to favorite (bookmark) records of any database (Pages app). It has a lot of options in the setting section (ACP).

    Some features :
    Who can use
    Which app 
    Enable/Disable Tooltip
    Enable/Disable Flash Message
    Add custom template 
    Redirect guests to the sign-up/sign-in page
    and more
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  4. Short Links - application allows you to create short links throughout your community. You can grant permission to certain groups who can make short links. Also replace the standard link with a short one in the share form.
    Groups, who can make short links. Replace Share links with short ones. Display short link in topic view. Display short link creation button. Flood control. Member will not be able to shorten the next link until this time has passed!
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  5. This plugin allows your members to hide part of the content in their posts so other members will need to reply to the topic before being able to see the hidden content. Thanks to a powerful custom BBCODE there are no file edits required, additionally the plugin has an internal cache to save all the topics checked each session which will reduce the number of queries used. Thanks to that only one additional query is used when viewing a topic and sometimes no queries at all!
    2 options to specify who can bypass the reply check: Groups Members All default areas are covered: Activity Streams Topics (Print view included) Profiles (both Topics & Posts tabs) Email Notifications content remains always hidden (both Forum & Topic subscriptions, digests too) Easy integration with 3rd party mods that display posts (as long as the \IPS\forums\Topic\Post class is used)
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  6. This plugin allows members to put ed2k links (example: emule links) on your board and the plugin will format them nicely all the links telling you their size, the total size and giving you also the option to download the selected links at once without having to click on each one!
    No file edits (makes use of the plugins system) Ed2ks links are parsed in EVERY default content, comments and reviews area Email HTML notifications contain all the parsed links formatted and clickable Live update of the total size of the selected files (needs javascript enabled) Button to download all the selected links at once (requires a proper program installed to handle them - example: eMule) Easy integration with 3rd party applications that display content (as long as the code uses $item->content())
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  7. Vala LMS is an online course marketplace with a pile of features that help you run your online education business easily. This product helps instructors and students get in touch and share knowledge.
    Instructors will be able to create unlimited video courses, text courses, projects, quizzes (coming soon), files, etc. and students will be able to use the educational material and increase their skill level.
    Vala LMS is based on real business needs, cultural differences, and advanced user research, so the product covers your business requirements efficiently.
    check it out: https://ips.valacoding.com/index.php?/courses/
    We will update and adapt this app for version IPS-V5.
    Why CHOOSE Vala LMS?
    • A comprehensive solution for online education businesses
    • Based on real business needs and requirements
    • Multiple content types (Video courses, text courses)
    • Public & private classes
    • Quiz & Certification (coming soon)
    • Single & multiple instructors
    • User permissions
    • Commissions
    • Add reviews to course/lessons
    • Add comments to course/lessons
    • Add clubs to courses
    • Define lesson level
    • Define course language
    • Add demo
    • Add free lessons to the paid courses
    • Show Overview of courses
    • Statistics
    • Multilanguage
    • Fully responsive
    • Fully customizable
    • Course Club
    • Course Statistics & Analytics
    • Course Access Period
    • Manual Enrollment
    • Assignment & Homework
    • Course Notifications & Reminders
    • Course Capacity
    • Course FAQ
    • Course learning material
    • Course knowledge prerequisites
    • Course prerequisites
    • and more ...
    Just try it and see what this app can do. We look forward to your suggestions
    We add new features to it almost every day to make it a complete and competitive program on LMS platforms.
    Currently, the exam section is being implemented and will be published soon.
    ==== Initial Version =====
    ==== Upcoming Features ====
    Course/ Lesson QUIZ
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  8. This is a very simple plugin to remove empty <p> tags in forum posts, it'll convert posts look to a compact view.
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  9. This simple plugin will allow the administrator to set the default quick search area manually, overriding the default method. By default, the current application and current partition are selected.
    Please note: this plugin will remove the "this topic, this forum" options from the list.
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  10. this simple plugin show version of file on files list!
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  11. this simple plugin show downloaders on files list!
    first of all you should edit Groups and enable "Can view who has downloaded files?" To view this link, the desired file must have been downloaded by the user!
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  12. this cool plugin will allow you to easily change the default announcement setting like text-size and text-color. also in second tab (custom announcement) you can add your favorite background.
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  13. this plugin add a float Button on your forum on desktop and mobile.
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  14. With this plugin, you can add a button to the download section, allowing users to click on it and view the content in a popup.
    For example, you can instruct users to take the following steps if they encounter any issues during the download process!
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  15. This plugin will allow you to automatically generate keywords meta tag based on topic title, first post or based on them both.
    This is a demo video for the plugin in action:
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  16. With this plugin you can restore searching in the archived posts.
    Important: After install please use rebuild search index tool in the ACP. It will bring back removed archived items in the search content.
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  17. This resource will allow you to submit music lyrics and display them in a nice format.
    Ability to use the Vagalume API to get song title, song lyrics, artist name, album name, year release, and album cover automatically Internal search by lyric title and content, artist, lyric writer, and year released. Fully compatible with the framework (Clubs, Recommended Comments, Content Message, etc.) Per-category features: Unlimited depth of parent-child relationships Background image to be displayed in index Icons Ability to use comments/reviews, tags, share, anonymous content, etc. Discussion topics Permission to show categories, read articles, submit articles, add comments, and avoid approval queues Extra Fields that can be used per-category Integration with the suite: Report system, search, report, webhooks, achievements, reputation points, etc. Ability to add a YouTube embed video URL Ability to create RSS feeds of lyrics etc.
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  18. This application will give users the ability to create records from their preferred videos on both YouTube (including regular and short videos) and Vimeo. The application automatically retrieves video thumbnails so all you need to do is enter the video title, paste the URL, and optionally add a description – that's it.
    Key features of this application include:
    Integrated to YouTube Data API to grab data from videos via search to add them quickly. Two options to choose how the index will look like: Blocks or Tabs. Two options to choose how the videos will be displayed in the index: Grid or Carousel. Unlimited categories with support for unlimited parent-child relationships. Customizable category icons. Flexible options to enable comments and reviews system per category. Ability to add polls to videos. Extra Fields group that can be used per category. Additional Videos: videos added within a video. Profile tab to display the videos submitted by the profile owner. Thumbail management. Several places to display advertisements. Other features:
    Integrated with the framework, including features such as search, tags, follow functionality, reactions, and more. Tool to import video records from the Videos application from Mike.J Settings:
    Settings to control the app behavior in several places/situations.
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  19. This application will create a poll wall to list polls from all applications that support polls, such as Forums, Blogs, Videos Directory, Games, Tutorials, Movies, Music, Lyrics, Links Directory, and Crowdfunding, among others.
    Users with permission will be able to vote and view poll results.
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  20. Allows you to define certain keywords or phrases which, when used in any of the enable/supported applications, can be hovered/clicked over to get a popup with more information you have defined. This popup can contain whatever content you like, such as term definitions.
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  21. This application adds the ability to schedule comments for any content type within your board, such as posts in topics and comments in Downloads, Blogs, Pages (database records), Gallery, Events, and in all 3rd-party apps that support Comments systems, like Tutorials, Videos Directory, Links Directory, Games, Movies, Music, Lyrics, Staff Applications System, Raffles System, Quizzes, and several others.
    Admin CP & Front End: you can choose the content item type, choose the date/hour to post the comment, and type the comment content. You can also change the schedule status to PAUSED, which means it won’t be posted while paused. Admin CP: Beyond that, you can choose who will be the comment author and if you want to post it anonymously. Front End: If you’re a user with permission to use the application (a moderator with proper permissions or a user from chosen groups by the admin), you will be the content author. You can however choose if the comment will be posted anonymously if you have permission to do so. Setting up a cron job is highly recommended to make sure the comment will be posted at the desired time.
    Task frequency (in minutes) Number of days to delete completed schedules Number of schedule records to be displayed on ACP and in the front end Type of user to use the schedule system: moderators or specific user groups  
    Requested and sponsored by @JoeyM
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  22. This app allows users to filter the list of forums, pages, blogs, etc. (support all IPS applications) in live.
    It is also possible to save and use popular tags (used tags). This app includes various settings that can be limited even for a specific forum or a specific page in the Page app. In addition, it is possible to set who can use and, also you can use the default theme or change styles.
    This app supports Forums, Blogs, Pages, Galleries, Events, and Download apps.
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  23. Overlay Live Quick Search enhances your search form by applying an AJAX search, allowing you to see search results without needing to redirect to a results page. 
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  24. Server table showing server information about the status, name, number of players, current map and their owners as applications on IPS Community Suite.
    🔥 👉 === Demo === 👈 🔥
    Other features:
    Set your own fields for the server: Name, Own name, IP, Own IP, Statistics URL, TV URL, Vote URL, Forum URL, Highlight for the server, Special badge for the new server, Hiding server owners in button, The scroll that the user can control, Color filling of players, RWD, Lazy loading in img icons, Table in 2 columns that the user can control, Debug mode for server (A reason can be enter), Separate page for server list Refresh data servers button in AdminCP, Custom connect URL to the server 🏷️ Requirements
    PHP 7.4+ - For IPS 4.6 PHP 8.0+ - For IPS 4.7 Bzip2 - Used for A2S Compressed responses ❗❗ Unlocked external ports on the website server (UDP) 💻 Compatible servers
    America's Army 3 America's Army: Proving Grounds ARK: Survival Evolved Arma3 Battlefield 2 Battlefield 3 Battlefield 4 Battlefield 1942 Battlefield Bad Company 2 Battlefield Hardline Call of Duty Call of Duty 2 Call of Duty 4 Call of Duty: United Offensive Call of Duty: World at War Conan Exiles Contagion Counter-Strike 1.6 Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Counter-Strike: Source DayZ Standalone DayZ Mod Discord Garry's Mod GRAV Online GTA: Five M GTA: San Andreas Multiplayer Grand Theft Auto Network Half Life 2: Deathmatch Hurtworld Insurgency Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Just Cause 3 Killing Floor Killing Floor 2 Left 4 Dead Left 4 Dead 2 Minecraft Medal of honor: Allied Assault Multi Theft Auto Mumble Server Natural Selection 2 Quake 2 Server Quake 3 Server Quake Live Red Orchestra 2 Rust 7 Days to Die The Ship Squad StarMade Teamspeak 3 Teeworlds Server Terraria Team Fortress Classic Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2 Classic Tibia Tshock Unreal 2 Unturned Unreal Tournament 3 Unreal Tournament 2004 Ventrilo Warsow World Opponent Network Open source application! Anyone can take part in the development of the application!
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  25. The application updates the Font Awesome version to version 6 without destroying the icons embedded in IPS version 4.
    Works at the Front and in AdminCP.
    Removal of the (aXen) Font Awesome 5 plugin is required.
    Something's not working? Clear the cache via AdminCP by Get Support!
    🏆 Font Awesome 6 Pro:
    The application was also created for the Pro version.
    Just send a private message request for an app with proof of purchase of Font Awesome Pro.
    I only accept proof of purchase in PDF format.
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