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BeReal gets more social with 'Friends of Friends' Feature


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BeReal is trying to be real. And if we’re being real, what’s the point of that Discovery feed, anyway?

The once-a-day, spontaneous photo-sharing app BeReal differentiates itself from other social apps by inviting us to connect with our friends, not a wider audience. There’s no such thing as a BeReal influencer or celebrity, and there’s no way to tell how many friends someone else has on BeReal.

Yet for some reason, the platform has always dedicated serious in-app real estate to a Discovery feed, where you can see what random people you aren’t friends with are doing (so long as they opt to make their posts public). Now, BeReal is replacing Discovery with a Friends of Friends feed, where you can see what your friends’ friends are up to (if they opt-in), which is probably more interesting than knowing that someone in Illinois is shopping at Target right now.

On any BeReal post, you can toggle whether you want to share with friends of friends, or just friends. You can remove an individual from your friends of friends feed if you don’t want to see their posts, but there’s also a block function if you don’t want to see or be seen by someone altogether.


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Never heard of BeReal. A quick Google search tells me it is a social media app based in France and available in 13 languages. I also found a couple of articles on Google that said BeReal is losing users among Gen Z. TikTok is getting a bad name in many countries, according to latest news, TikTok might get banned on the US, where it has the most active user base. If TikTok gets banned, I think lesser know social platforms like BeReal will have a better chance. 

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