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10 Uncommon Ideas to Spark Activity in Your Online Community


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Building and maintaining an active online community can be challenging, but with innovative approaches, you can keep your members engaged and excited. Here are 10 uncommon ideas to generate activity within your online community:

Host Live Collaborative Events:

Real-Time Collaboration: Organize live events that encourage members to collaborate in real-time. This could include co-writing sessions, design challenges, or coding hackathons.

Organize Reverse Q&A Sessions:

Members as Experts: Flip the traditional Q&A format by having community members take on the role of experts. Let them share their knowledge on specific topics and answer questions from other members.

Offer Exclusive Content Experiences:

VIP Access: Provide exclusive content experiences to members who reach certain milestones, such as badges or levels. Access to premium content or early releases can be a strong incentive.

Hold "Behind-the-Scenes" Tours:

Transparency and Connection: Offer virtual tours of your community's behind-the-scenes operations. Members can meet moderators, learn about content creation, and gain insights into community management.

Run Member-Led Workshops:

Peer Education: Allow skilled members to host workshops or webinars on their areas of expertise. This fosters a sense of peer-driven education within the community.

Gamify Constructive Debates:

Debate Tournaments: Organize structured debates where members can compete in a tournament-style format. Gamification adds excitement to intellectual discussions.

Enable Virtual Trade Shows:

Showcasing Products and Services: Host virtual trade shows where members can showcase their products or services. This can be especially valuable for business-focused communities.

Establish a Community Think Tank:

Solving Challenges: Form a think tank within your community to address niche-specific challenges or create innovative solutions. Encourage brainstorming and idea generation.

Celebrate Unique Holidays:

Acknowledge holidays or events related to your community's niche. Create themed content or host special activities to celebrate.

Launch a Virtual Mentorship Program:

Introduce a mentorship program where experienced members can guide newcomers. This fosters knowledge sharing and community bonding.


Incorporating these uncommon ideas into your online community strategy can reinvigorate member engagement and keep your community vibrant. Experiment with these approaches to discover what resonates best with your unique community culture.

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The best was to spark activities is by organizing posting contest. I have not done it myself but I have seen people doing, and they managed to bring a lot of users and activities. I am trying to build my community as a resource site on a certain niche. I take Quora as a cue. I want to build something like that where people do to ask question and find answers.

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I think having a marketplace section on your community and allowing your members to trade digital services and products can be a good way to spark activities. I have been on a lot of forums where you have to earn credits to buy services on the forum, this rule makes people active in the community

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