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Who has used "Live Topics" and how?

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I am looking for successful use cases for Live Topics. I have some ideas on how it could be used if it streamed Zoom but it only streams YouTube. If it worked with Zoom I can see hosting an interview and then fielding questions from the public. 

None of this would be a problem if my interview subjects were local. Not the case and that is why I need Zoom.

Sure, I could have a celebrity stream themselves and them take questions but the odds of technical failure are too large.

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I am not sure if I understood the OP's question. However, I have used video conferencing platform like Zoom for webinars (as a user of course). Zoom can be used for marketing as well as for a discussion. I see a lot of people using Zoom for selling online courses. Live streaming on platforms like Youtube and Facebook can also be a good for discussion. However, you will need  build an audience to make it successful.

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The fact that you have not heard of IPS Live Topics says a lot about how hot or not the product is. It is a IPS specific tool that merges a YouTube live stream with a live chat. It makes sense for a produced live stream like a product demo. If it used Zoom it would be awesome for podcast interviews. Because it only uses YouTube live stream it would require a bit of production to use for a remote interview.

I am asking in the hope that I misunderstand or that there is a workaround.

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I've definitely watched interviews via YouTube Live Stream, so it's doable.  You may just need to learn how to configure it, since Youtube isn't normally for interviews.  

Good luck with the project!  

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