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Eternal September

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Eternal September is early Internet slang for a period beginning around 1993 when Internet service providers began offering Usenet access to many new users. This flood of new users overwhelmed the existing culture for online forums, and the influx of newcomers seemed unending.  

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This surge can dilute the unique culture and norms that take years to cultivate within our forums and communities.  But does adding more new users have to be a death knell for your community customs?  

  1. How do you maintain the essence and culture of your community in the face of constant new membership? Is there a strategy that has worked for you in orienting newcomers without stifling growth?
  2. What impact does the perpetual influx of new users have on the long-standing members of your community? Do you see a change in their engagement or contribution levels?
  3. Can the principles of inclusivity and growth coexist without compromising the core values and norms of our forums? How do we balance the need for fresh perspectives with the preservation of our community's identity?
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Top Posters In This Topic

Well, I do not remember anything before 2004. My earliest experience with the internet was using chat rooms. These were very common thing back them. I did not use online forum until 2012 but I started using social media since 2006.

With the popularity of social media platforms and option to monetize social media activities, I do not see online communities becoming very popular in the future.

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