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Google releasing massive search quality enhancements in March 2024 core update

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Some key takeaways:

  • March 2024 core update is bigger than before, and multiple systems will be updated and released. "More complex than usual"
  • Helpful content now part of core updates.  Please make sure to refer to Google's guide to Creating helpful, reliable, people-first content
  • Producing content at scale to boost search rankings - either with automation, people, or a combination -s against its guidelines 
  • The trick of buying expired domains and repurposing them them is now considered spam
  • Parasite SEO is spam too: third-party sites host low-quality content provided by others to piggyback on the ranking power (eg. an education website publishing payday loan reviews) 
  • On Reddit:

“We know that for some queries, people are really seeking out content that comes from other people with relevant experiences. We want to surface content that people are looking for, in cases where it’s helpful. There is high-quality and low-quality content across all content types – including user-generated forum and discussion content. Our goal is to surface the best of the web, and we believe these ranking improvements will help us surface higher-quality discussion/forum content for searches where it’s helpful – and will help us get better at detecting when such content is truly helpful.”


Link: https://searchengineland.com/google-released-massive-search-quality-improvements-with-march-2024-core-update-and-multiple-spam-updates-438144

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Have they said anything about AI generated content? A lot of people believe that AI generated content is not ranked in the search algorithm, however, some people believe AI content, if it is search engine optimized, and provides information,  will be ranked on search engines.

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There is a simple rule related to SEO. If your article is liked by human readers, it will also be liked by search engines. This implies that for your article to be liked by search algorithm, it should be useful, interesting,well written, informative, and original. Quality content is more important than other SEO strategies like backlink building, keyword usage, etc.

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