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Polishing Your Communication Skills in Online Community Management


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Effective communication is at the core of successful online community management. However, excessive use of filler words can detract from the message's impact and credibility. Drawing insights from research by Quantified Communications, which emphasizes the need for concise and engaging communication, here's how you can enhance your communication skills in the context of managing online communities:

1. Minimize Filler Words:

Research shows that the average speaker uses five filler words per minute, which can undermine their credibility. The optimal frequency for filler words is approximately one per minute. Reducing filler word usage in your communication can keep your online community engaged and attentive.

2. Embrace Pauses:

Replace filler words with well-timed pauses. Public speaking studies reveal that proficient speakers incorporate various pause lengths into their speeches, with strategic pauses lasting two to three seconds or even longer. Embracing pauses can convey confidence, allow for thoughtful articulation, and build anticipation within your online community.

3. Awareness and Practice:

Develop awareness of your reliance on filler words and actively work on substituting them with pauses. Employ small actions, such as tapping your leg or seeking input from a friend who can monitor your speech habits. Practicing your communication skills, ideally with one hour of practice per minute of presentation, can significantly reduce filler word usage.

4. Useful Fillers vs. Crutch Words:

Distinguish between useful filler words that add relatability and emphasis and crutch words that detract from your credibility. Identify the words you tend to lean on excessively and train yourself to avoid them in your online community interactions.

By refining your communication skills and minimizing filler word usage, you can establish a stronger connection with your online community. Clarity, engagement, and credibility are essential for effective community management, and these strategies can contribute to your success in this role.

Case Studies:

1. Efficient Online Moderation:

An online community manager effectively moderates discussions with minimal filler word usage. By using strategic pauses and concise language, they maintain a sense of authority and keep community members engaged.

2. Interactive Webinars:

During a live webinar for their online community, a manager confidently communicates key points by replacing filler words with well-timed pauses. This approach enhances the audience's understanding and overall experience.


Effective communication in online community management involves minimizing filler word usage and embracing strategic pauses. By practicing and refining your speech patterns, you can enhance engagement and credibility within your online community.


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It is very important to have the language skills and writing skills for effective communication in online communities. Since you communicate through text, you need to have skills to say what you want to say in written language. You do not need advance degree in writing and language but basic communication skills are required.

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One of the most important things you need to remember while interacting in a community is to use a language that a layman can understand. You also need to be very restful about other users and avoid sharing content that can offent other users.


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When interacting in a community, it can sometimes be easy for many of us to communicate in a way that we feel looks professional but in some cases, could be difficult for some to understand and it can put them off. 

Interacting with others in a community in simple terms is usually better to encourage more to participate rather than be turned off. 

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