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  • Community organizing

      Aliases: community organization

    Community organizing is a participatory and collaborative approach that involves mobilizing individuals within a community to take collective action in addressing shared concerns or advocating for social change. It aims to empower community members, amplify their voices, and build their capacity to address local issues and create sustainable solutions. Community organizers facilitate the process by facilitating meetings, organizing campaigns, conducting outreach, and fostering collaboration among diverse stakeholders.

    In an online community, community organizing involves the application of similar principles and techniques to mobilize and engage members around shared goals or causes. Online community organizers facilitate discussions, promote awareness, and encourage participation in activities aimed at addressing community concerns. They create spaces for dialogue, organize virtual events, and leverage digital platforms to mobilize support, coordinate actions, and foster a sense of collective purpose. Online community organizing enables members to connect, collaborate, and drive positive change within the virtual community and beyond.

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