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  • Effective altruism

    Effective altruism is a concept that promotes using empirical evidence and rational thinking to guide our actions in order to make the greatest possible positive impact on the world. This means identifying the most pressing global problems, such as poverty, disease, and climate change, and finding the most effective ways to address them. Effective altruists often donate to highly effective charities or work in careers that have a significant positive impact, such as global health or animal welfare. They also prioritize cause prioritization, or determining which issues are most pressing and deserve the most attention and resources.

    While effective altruism is often associated with charitable giving, it can also be applied to personal decisions, such as choosing a career path or purchasing decisions. By considering the potential impact of our actions and focusing on what will truly make a difference, we can strive to maximize our positive impact on the world.

    Online communities of effective altruists exist to discuss and debate the most pressing global problems and to share information on the most effective ways to address them. These communities often feature discussions on cause prioritization, effective altruist career paths, and charitable giving. Effective altruists also use online platforms to research and identify highly effective charities, to encourage others to donate, and to promote effective altruism as a whole. Through these online communities, effective altruists can connect with others who share their values and work together to make a positive impact on the world.

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