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  • outgrowths of peer production

    Outgrowths of peer production are the positive externalities that arise from the collective efforts of peer producers who collaborate on a common task or project. These externalities are unintended consequences of the main activity, but they can be of great value to the community and its members. Outgrowths can include new opportunities for collaboration or entrepreneurship, new ideas for projects or research, and new social ties among peers. These outgrowths can help sustain the community and promote its growth, as well as enhance the welfare and empowerment of its members.

    One key example of outgrowths of peer production is the emergence of open-source software communities, where programmers collaborate to create and share code for free. The outgrowths of such communities include new software tools and applications that are available to everyone, as well as new career paths and job opportunities for developers. Another example is the peer-to-peer sharing economy, where individuals collaborate to share goods and services directly with each other, leading to new social connections and opportunities for mutual support.

    In an online community, outgrowths of peer production can manifest themselves in various ways. For instance, in a forum or social network, a group of members who share common interests or goals may collaborate on a project or campaign, resulting in new ideas and solutions that benefit the community as a whole. These outgrowths may also lead to the creation of new sub-communities or forums dedicated to specific topics or activities. Additionally, outgrowths may arise from the interactions and relationships that develop among members, leading to new friendships, mentorships, or even business partnerships. Overall, outgrowths of peer production can greatly enhance the value and sustainability of online communities, fostering innovation, collaboration, and social capital.

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