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  • Product roadmap

    A product roadmap is a visual representation or document that outlines the high-level plan for a product's development and future enhancements. It communicates the product vision, goals, key milestones, and anticipated timelines. The roadmap provides a strategic framework for aligning the efforts of cross-functional teams, stakeholders, and customers, ensuring a shared understanding of the product's direction and priorities.

    In the context of an online community, a product roadmap can be applied to guide the development and evolution of the community platform or features. It helps communicate the planned enhancements, new functionalities, and improvements that are intended to be implemented over time. By sharing the roadmap with community members, it provides transparency and keeps them informed about the upcoming changes and developments. The roadmap can also serve as a means for gathering feedback and input from the community, allowing them to contribute to the direction and priorities of the platform's growth. This collaborative approach fosters a sense of ownership and engagement among community members, strengthening their connection to the online community.

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