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  • Sense of efficacy

    Sense of efficacy, also known as self-efficacy, is a psychological concept introduced by Albert Bandura. It refers to an individual's belief in their own capabilities to perform specific actions, achieve goals, and handle challenging situations successfully. It involves assessing one's competence, skills, and effectiveness in a particular domain. A strong sense of efficacy is associated with motivation, resilience, and the willingness to put effort into tasks. Conversely, a low sense of efficacy can lead to self-doubt, decreased motivation, and avoidance of challenges.

    In the context of an online community, sense of efficacy plays a significant role in member participation, engagement, and contributions. When individuals have a high sense of efficacy within the community, they believe in their ability to actively contribute, share knowledge, and make a positive impact. This sense of efficacy can lead to increased participation in discussions, offering support to others, initiating new ideas or projects, and taking on leadership roles. On the other hand, individuals with a low sense of efficacy may be less likely to actively participate, share their opinions, or engage in collaborative efforts within the online community. Fostering a sense of efficacy among community members can be achieved by providing opportunities for skill development, recognizing and appreciating individual contributions, and creating a supportive and encouraging environment that empowers members to believe in their own capabilities to contribute effectively.

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