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  • Social stratification

    Social stratification is a system that categorizes individuals or groups into different levels or strata within a society based on various criteria such as economic resources, occupation, education, and social standing. It creates a hierarchical structure where individuals with higher status and resources enjoy privileges and opportunities that are often unavailable to those in lower strata. Social stratification influences access to power, resources, and social mobility, shaping opportunities and life chances for individuals within a society.

    In the context of an online community, social stratification can manifest in various ways. Online platforms can mirror existing social inequalities, where certain individuals or groups may have more visibility, influence, or power within the community. Factors such as follower counts, online reputation, or access to resources and information can contribute to social stratification within the community. This can result in disparities in participation, influence, and the ability to shape community norms and dynamics. Recognizing and addressing social stratification within online communities is crucial for promoting equity, inclusivity, and equal opportunities for participation and engagement among all members. Creating spaces for diverse voices, providing equal access to resources and information, and actively challenging hierarchies can help foster a more inclusive and democratic online community.

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