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A content pillar is a comprehensive topic or theme that serves as the foundation of your content strategy. It represents a key area of expertise for a brand or individual and underpins the creation of various pieces of content that relate back to this central theme.

Create Topic Clusters and Pillar Pages That Build Authority With Users |  Ten Speed

Content pillars are designed to provide value to the target audience, establishing authority and trust in a specific domain.

Content pillars are not static; they evolve as your audience's interests shift, new trends emerge, and your business goals change. Therefore, maintaining and updating your content pillars is crucial for staying relevant and engaging to your audience.

  • When is the right time to pivot your content pillars, and how do you identify that moment? This question challenges the balance between consistency in your content strategy and the need to adapt to changing market dynamics or audience preferences.
  • How can you ensure that your updated content pillars resonate with both new and existing audiences without alienating either group? This addresses the challenge of evolving your content strategy while retaining the core audience that contributed to your platform's growth.
  • In the process of updating content pillars, how do you measure the impact on your SEO and overall content visibility? This question focuses on the practical aspects of content strategy adjustments and their effects on search engine rankings and user engagement.
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Not all content is created equal and some content drove good traffic and engagement and some content fail to do so. You should be focusing on the content that is already driving traffic and engagement and create related content. This strategy will allow you to divert your traffic to the related content and drive engagement on related content.

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If you are running a blog, you can build content pillars. You can publish more content on the topic that is getting views and engagement. However, I do not see any room for building content pillar in community as communities are mostly user generated content sites where the quality of content cannot be guaranteed.

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I publish pillar content, or cornerstone article as it is popularly called among bloggers,  on my blogs. I check analytics and identify articles that are bringing most traffic on my blogs and create supportive arount the same topic. On my communities I am trying to replicate the same strategy but I am yet to build traffic outside from the registered users.

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