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Is it Easy to Generate Affiliate Sales?

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You don’t have to spend money to join any affiliate program, yet you have an opportunity to make even a full time income. And the best part, you can earn without any ongoing work. However, what no one tells you is how difficult it is to generate sales. You try affiliate marketing for months, even years yet there might be no sales.

Some people even go further and suggest you to run ads to generate sales. Well, you might be able to generate some sales through advertising, however, when you run ads, you spend money, and your ad spending might be higher than the commission you get from affiliate programs.

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Affiliate marketing is great once you start making sales, you will notice just how much you can make through that method which in some cases, can be life-changing. 

I have looked into affiliate marketing many times and I will admit, as much as I would love to do it, it is not as easy to start up as many would think. 

I do believe you would have to put money into it for advertising and such before you started making anything, an investment of sorts. 

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