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Would you ban a superuser?

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You have a member who contributes a significant amount of activity to the site, but he soon starts to lash out against you and the other moderators, pretends he knows how to run the community better than you, and starts to criticize how you run the community.  He is also a superuser and a huge poster of content, so a lot of other members trust what he says. But he hasn't actually broken any clear terms (nothing illegal, just inflammatory).  

What do you do?  

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I can accept criticism, even the harsh ones, as long as they have reasons. I cannot ban a super user just because he is too critical against the management and administrator. Unless he violates the terms and created anarchy in the community, I can let him continue. Sometimes critical judgements are good for your community

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I never take ban too lightly, when I ban, the member should have committed a big violation and should have received multiple warnings in the past. I do not want trouble maker on my site even when he is a super user but before I ban this users should have already been warned multiple times.

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This is always a tough situation as you want your members to know they have a voice and that their opinion is valued but you also don't want things to go too far. 

In this situation, I would not ban the super user but instead reach out to them. Unless they broke any clear guidelines or TOS, banning them would be too far and could cause more issues down the line. 

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