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What unique aspects of your community are highlighted in your mission statement?

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Standing out on the web is more important than ever.  And your mission statement isn't just a formal declaration; it's the heartbeat of your community, capturing your community's essence and uniqueness. Let's delve into what makes us stand out.

  • What specific qualities or features do you think are unique to your community, which you should highlight in your mission statement?
  • How do your interactions and discussions differ from what you've seen in other online communities, and how can you encapsulate this uniqueness?
  • In what ways has your community impacted you or others, and how can you reflect these positive outcomes in our mission statement?

Your mission statement should mirror the vibrant tapestry of ideas, support, and collaboration that you've built together in your community. It's about celebrating your uniqueness while setting a clear path for our future.

Could contain: People, Person, Cleaning, Walking, Outdoors

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When I ran forum for several years (and it was very popular over 600,000 posts), no special mission statement.  Be friendly, welcome all, discuss motor. Simple rules.  BUT reading more information, I maybe write better communication on why forum is different and special.  

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I have simple goal, to provide a platform where people can learn and share ideas. There are a lot of communities and even social sites where people can express, however, I plan to build a resource site where authentic and reliable information is free.

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I have no big dreams about the websites I am running be it a forum or a blog. I started building websites as a hobby, even though some of my websites are generating me a revenue, running websites s still my hobby, including the communities I am managing. I started to work in a community because when I joined webmaster forums, every one was talking about managing communities, and I though having one for myself would be cool.

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