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⚖️ Would you rather: Kickstart a new topic or Pitch in to an existing topic?

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We all have our roles in keeping conversations lively and engaging. Some of us are the conversation starters, lighting the spark with fresh topics. Others excel in jumping into existing threads, adding valuable insights or steering the chat in new directions. So, what’s your go-to move?

  • Do you prefer to start new conversations, setting the stage for others to chime in? What motivates you to introduce new topics?
  • Or are you more comfortable adding your voice to ongoing discussions? How do you decide which conversations to contribute to?
  • Have you noticed any differences in the community's response when you start a conversation versus when you reply to one?

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Whether you’re the initiator bringing new ideas to the table or the responder enriching discussions, each role is crucial in keeping our community dynamic and diverse. It’s like being at a great party – some start the conversations, others keep them going. Let’s share our experiences and maybe even inspire each other to try a different approach! 🌐💬🤝


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As much as I do not mind creating new topics to get conversations going and achieve an activity boost, sometimes it can be difficult to always come up with new topics that you know will gain interest.

Replying to an already existing topic allows for you to add your opinion and thoughts as well as keep the discussion going and in a lot of cases, is much easier. 


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I like to pitch on existing topics instead of creating a new topic. It is easier to give your opinion on the topic someone has started compared to creating your own topic. You need to put some serious effort in coming up with an idea for a new topic.

Having said that I also like creating topics especially in the areas that are not discussed much in the community.

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I have found that a lot of members create threads on current topics/subject. When this happens, the topic will stop accumulating new replies and will become non performing. Therefore, my emphasis is on creating new topics that are ever green in nature so that the topic becomes relavant for many years to come.

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If I can find topics that I want to contribute to, I will always give preference to replying to the topics, however, if the topics that I want to talk about are not yet available in the community, I will create a new topic. It all depends on whether there are topics for discussion. I always avoid replying to the same topic again and again and if there are not many new topics, I will also consider creating new topics.

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