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Separation of Duties

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In the real world, there is a separation of civic duties to ensure checks and balances. No one person does everything.  

The cops catch you, the judge gives out punishment, etc. 

In online communities that are small or tightly-run, there is usually only one admin or one moderator. This person does all of the above: they investigate the report, confirm the level of punishment, and doles out the punishment.  While this is extremely efficient from administering all of the individual tasks, it overweights the decisions (which are can be snap judgements made in the moment). 

Have you thought about a separation of duties, where one person reviews the reports, but another person independently gives out the punishment? 

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While it is very effective to have a specialist, I learned a lot trying to do them all. In the last decade, I acquired many skills including coding and graphics simply to keep going.

Personally, I am all in for a specialist if you can afford it.

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Currently, I run two forums, however, I am the only staff. I do administrative duties, moderation duties, marketing duties, as well as poster's duties. I wish I had funds to hire people so that I could separate duties. I believe if you can afford to have staff, you should hire different people for different jobs

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If your community has a lot of activities, you should have multiple staff and your staff should be designated with different kinds of duties. You can have content moderator, you can have social media marketer, you can have content creator, you can even have technicians. But if you are paying to your staff, you might have to spend a lot of money.

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I have seen communities having different moderators for each category, I have also see communities where staff were designated for creating posts, sharing on social media, etc. I think it is very important to have separate staff for separate jobs.

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The scenario that I outlined in the OP was specifically for the separation of duties between the cop and the judge: 

In other words: 

- One person to confirm you made a violation 

- Another person to confirm the level of punishment 

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