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Do you create  video content for social media platforms? What kind of video content do you create? Do yo create long form videos or short form videos? Do you also make money from your videos? Well, I am basically not a video content creator but I have tried my hands on video content for various platforms. I mostly use short videos for marketing and advertising products and services.

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I create video content for Instagram, Youtube and Facebook. I am not using TikTok yet but I might use it some day. I mostly create and share short and medium length (under 5 minutes) videos. However, I am yet to generate an income through video monetization. This is something I am looking forward to do it in 2024.

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I created a video to promote my forum on Valentine's Day. It was a no nonsense professional one. But I couldn't finish editing on time.

I like creating videos, especially short ones. I believe I am good with concepts. But I do not get enough time to make a lot of them.


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This is something I am looking to work on. Unless you are running a shopping site, I do not think you will be able to bring visitors to your site through videos but I think you can explore video making to monetize your social media activities. If you are selling merch, you can try creating videos for your merch and pro,mote on social sites/.

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