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My, Yours, Ours?

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I will start with My and then move into Out. When I am building a community, I would be the only person working on it. However, once my community is publicly available and once people starts joining the community, the community will no longer be mine, it will belong to those who use it.

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It sounds sweet when you say to your members that it is "your" community or it is "our" community, but in reality, it will always be "my" community. You might try to address issues through public opinion or members votes but it is you who make all the decision, so what you say does not make any difference.

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When I am building a community, no matter what the community niche is, I always refer to the community as our community. 

Some people refer to it as my community which I do see a lot but the way I look at it is, the community wouldn't be what it is without those who keep the content flowing which are community. 

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I have always referred to the community I lead as being our community rather than my community. 

My way of looking at this is that if I have community members who are contributing to the content within the community then it is not my content but our content and therefore it is our community as we are all contributing in some way to the success of the community. 

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