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  1. This application will allow admins and moderators to disable all email notifications from other members directly in their ACP and public profiles.
    You must enable a new moderator permission if you want moderators to use the resource. All actions are logged.
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  2. This plugin adds additional options to the basic report form included in the IPS Suite framework. As long as other applications use the framework it will work for those, too.
    New "name" and "email address" fields for guests to provide their data so they can be contacted back if needed. Option to force guests to fill in the new fields. When an email is provided a "Send Email" link is included in the reports to easily open the default email client with prefilled data. Option to require other groups other than the guests to complete a captcha challenge (for example newly registered members in a group before promotion). Option to require users in specific groups to enter a message for the report. Option to require a minimum number of characters when the report message is required. Guest data layout in reports easily editable by editing the template "core > global > plugins > tbRfeGuestData".
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  3. This plugin adds a shortcut to open the ACP page to manage a member's profile from their frontend profile or hovercard.
    Setting to open the ACP link in a new tab. Setting to open member profiles on the Customer View tab. (Requires the Commerce application)
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  4. This plugin adds some new features related to handling better banner members.
    Setting to mark banned member photos so that administrators and moderators can recognize them right away. Setting to hide banned followers in profiles from normal members. Setting to block normal members and guests from accessing banned members profiles. Setting to change a member's group when banning them permanently. The group change works only if the member isn't already being moved to a different group. Setting to move back the member into the Members group (used for new registrations) when removing a permanent ban.
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  5. This application lets moderators add members to private topics in forums with the option Users can see topics posted by other users? disabled.
    To manage the private users the moderator must have the option Can view all topics/questions? enabled for the forum.
    Any moderator with the proper permissions can add/remove users in private topics. Members added to a private topic can see it in activity streams, search, forum view, and notifications.  
    Each purchase entitles you to use the modification on a single Community installation.
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  6. This plugin will allow admins to test bulk mail (by sending to a single email address) before mass sending.
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  7. Are you looking for staff? Developers? Designers? Or anything else? This application will help admins/moderators to find people to help on their boards. Here's a quick rundown of some of the features of this resource:
    Ability to create caregivers/subcategories  Extra Fields In Position form In Application form Ability to create open positions in draft mode and choose a date to automatically publish it  Module to add Positions on ACP (moderator, web designer, developer, etc) Ability to inform how many places the position has. Example: you can create an application record to "hire" 3 moderators. Ability to move the "winner" member to a group chosen group (you inform the group when you're adding the application record) Ability to restrict the application by Content count, Reputation points/likes, Number of days as a member, Minimum age, and groups Ability to create a topic at every new application submission. The module on ModeratorCP to view all pending records from all applications Compatible with most important features from IPS 4.2 (Recommended Comments, Content Message, Reactions, Member History, Richer Embeds, etc.) Integrated to the framework: Tag system, Follow System, Report system, Search system, Share Links, etc. Moderator actions on applications and comments/reviews Moderator permission to approve/reject applications Ability to create RSS feeds from member applications Compatibility to Achievements Compatibility to Webhooks Etc. Permission: NO ONE except staff (with proper permission) will be able to view/read or know who are the applicants. All that regular members will know is the number of users who applied to it.
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  8. Take notice of content posted by guests in the new IPS 4.4. feature "Post Before Registering". You will see the content posted in a popup. Example. it won't show you the whole topic or article fields; it will show you only the content posted by the guest in the CONTENT/DESCRIPTION field.
    Places where the content is shown:
    Admin CP Community module Front-end: Moderator CP Restrictions (ACP) & Moderator Permissions:
    View the list View the content of the posted item Delete the item/comment before it goes live Ban the IP address used in the post Ban email address used in the post
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  9. Descriptions:
    This app will allow the admins and your staff, with the approrpiate permissions, to change several topic data such as views, author and start date. Permissons:
    You can set the permissions at the app 's settings page which can be found at your Admin Panel->Community->Manipulate Topic Data. Members with the permissions to change topic data, will see 3 new links added inside the Moderation Actions drop down list. The are as follow: 1) Change Views:
    When clicked upon it will display the current views for that topic with the option to add to them. 2) Change Author:
    When clicked upon it will display the topic author with the option to select a new author. After the changes are saved, the topic info will be updated accordingly to reflect the new author. The new changes will be updated in the search and activity page as well. You have the options to descrease old author 's post count and increase the post count of the new author. 3) Change Start Date: 
    When clicked upon it will display the topic start date with the option to select a new date. After the changes are saved, the topic info will be updated accordingly to reflect the new start date. The new changes will be updated in the search and activity page as well. Moderator Log:
    All the aforementioned topic changes will be logged in the Moderator Log page in the admin panel.
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  10. Description:
    This app will give the admins the opportunity to set up placeholders/prefilled custom fields for new topice in forums. When members will post a new topic, they will be presented with the prefilled test for the topic titles and messages. They can either press the submit button or overwrite them with their own content. This can come in handy when you want your members to post in support forums, introduce themsleves etc.
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  11. What does it do?
    This app will give your staff members (with the appropriate permissions) to ban members from either viewing particular forums or from posting and starting new topics in them. To set the permissions for groups that will be allowed to ban members from forums, go to your Admin Panel->Members->Forum Ban. There you can select the protected groups as well. Banning is done in the front end. To ban a member from a forum, go to the forum in question and you will see a new drop down menu added, called: Ban From Forum. There you can also view and manage banned members for that forum. Members can be banned for a certain periof of time, or permanently.   As a precaution, you can protect certain groups from getting banned from forums.  When you ban a member from a certain forum, you can enter the reason as to why that member is banned from that forum. The reason will be sent to the banned member through a pm.  You have the option to make the author of the ban pm to show as a guest, i.e. not recognisable. Members who have been banned from viewing a forum, will not be able to see the posts from that forum, at the Search or Activity pages.
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  12. Description:
    This app adds a new table to the database that will log all future log ins to your forum. Each time an user will log in to your forum, a unique cookie will be added to members devices and then it will be stored in the app 's table. The cookie exparation date is set to one year and its unique string is associated with the users device used to log in.  Their ip address will be stored as well.  The app will scan its database table and list all users who have logged in multiple times from the same device and ip. Like that you can see who has shared their login details with other users. The cookie detection method is the most accurate method. Both shared login detection methods have a quick search option where you can search the resuts based on members names. Important: 
    The detection starts from the moment that the app is installed. Past detections are not logged due to the fact that the app uses its own database table to store shared logins.
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  13. This application will allow admin to setup a badge for any user in topic view with a large customization options.
    Admin can set up Application on/off. Admin can set up which groups or which members have a Badge in topic view (secondary group support!). Admin can set up which forums show the single badge Badge “Link To” feature  Custom Style (you can “move” your badge anywhere in the topic view)  This app now support CSS BADGES responsive badges placement   
    Staff Badges are tested on:
    default IPB4.1 skin default IPB4.2 skin  default IPB4.3 skin  default IPB4.4 skin  default IPB4.5 skin  for custom skin I provide support!!!
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  14. This allows your staff to change post author, it also works for topic starter.
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  15. This plugin will display the total number of members within your board.
    Display only members with completed registration Exclude banned members Display friendly numbers This will display 25k instead of 25,000.
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  16. Application for create notes on content.
    Add note, Edit note, Delete note, Add note as anonymous, Visibility settings note: Selected groups, Forum moderators, Content author Note types:
    No background, Information, General, Warning, Important, Positive  
    Forum notes permissions with several groups, Mod Logs, Show/Hide avatar in note, Change position notes, Notifications and Emails when it will be added to the content, Mod permissions, Changed topic last_post date after add/edit note, Refresh topic after adding note
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  17. This tiny plugin will give administrators the ability to display a text within the messenger form to inform users about its usage when they try to message someone from Staff (chosen groups). Moreover, you can specify a forum that will encourage users to start a new topic to avoid support requests via private messages.
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  18. This plugin will give the ability to topic authors to run specific topic Saved Actions allowed by the administrator.  Public Saved Actions will appear only to the topic author and if the author doesn't have mod permission to run regular Saved Actions.
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  19. This application will allow admins to choose which tabs to display in users' profiles and set their ordering.
    The activity tab will be displayed to members with no info (like new members) Tabs may vary according to the applications you have installed
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  20. This application will allow admins to choose which user groups will be able to use and view each Profile Field. All groups, by default, will be able to use any Profile Field. Users from groups that are not selected on field settings will not be able to view and fill the field on their profile.
    Go to Members -> Profiles -> Profile Fields. Edit or create a new Profile Field. You will notice two new fields: Allowed Groups: choose which user groups you want their users to FILL the field. Visible to: choose which user groups you want their users to VIEW the field in profile/posts. Admins and the profile owner will be able to view all profile fields.
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  21. This resource will give staff the ability to prevent members from posting in specific hours.
    Groups that can be restricted Moderator Permission:
    Can set a time to prevent members from posting
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  22. This plugin will give the ability to add prefixes/tags to topics when running Saved Actions.
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  23. Useful in support/study group boards, this plugin will control the number of open (unlocked) topics that each user group can have in each forum in a specific period ( per hour, per day, per week per month or per year), by adding a new tab on MANAGE FORUMS, listing all groups and allowing enter a number of topics.
    Settings per forum:
    Number of topics per group Period: per hour, per day, per week, per month and per year
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  24. This plugin will create a specific rule for the forums you want, so users of specific groups, set by the administrator, must agree before they are able to create topics.
    Global Settings:
    Number of days to expire the cookie Cookie prefix. If you want everybody to agree again to your rules, just change the cookie prefix Per Forum Settings:
    Enable the plugin in the forum Message style: option to choose between 4 predefined styles Groups that will be required to agree to the rules Rule Content The rule content is translatable, which means that you can use a specific message for each language you have installed on your board.
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  25. This resource will give the ability to moderators (with proper permission) to moderate content (topics and posts) in specific forums from members of groups selected in the app settings.
    Groups that will have their content moderated in specific forums Moderator Permission:
    Can add/remove restrictions
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