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Different From A Forum Admin Forum Promotion Site

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When I set out to build Invisioneer.org, I knew one of its unstated critiques would be: Is this yet another forum administration / forum webmaster / forum promotion site?  How will Invisioneer be any different?  

There is a small cottage industry of forum users who enjoy popping up and installing forum administration sites, year after year.  We think that's great!  There is enough room on the Internet for all of us to co-exist. Part of those forum administration sites may overlap with part of the value of Invisioneer, but you'll find a sharply-defined vision of Invisioneer that will separate us over time. 

What you will find on Invisioneer 

You will find a relentless focus on activities, resources, and discussion designed to actually help you get ahead. You will find deep discussions on community strategy, references to behavioral sciences and psychology and leadership, and thought leadership.

Thought Leadership: One primary goal is to bring in the best thought leadership surrounding current community management trends, psychology, and management and to make them accessible to owners at all levels.  Concepts like emotional intelligence, wisdom of the crowds, engagement trap, and a sense of community are core learning concepts for any community leader. 

Inspiration: A lot of communities open a Classifieds section, which easily becomes a graveyard over time. Our goal is to open a similar version, but packed with battle-tested communities that comprise some of the largest and most popular communities on the web. 


There will always be overlap between general forum administration and community management.  But we plan to strip out the low-impact discussion on servers, hosting, and domains, and focus on what will give you the most impact: smart, elevated ideas to help you fine-tune your community strategy.  

Invisioneer is not for everyone. It's for those with the desire and ambition to thrive on the modern web. 

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