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Do your users actually need a community solution?

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Inspired by David Spinks:

Are you offering content, not a community?   

Most problems can be solved with either content or community. Content (such as blog articles, well written long-form articles, in-depth research, etc) actually solves problems more effectively than community in many cases. Content is more readable, content is better researched, content is concise and actionable. Content is designed to be consumed, not to connect.  Content is stylistically very different than a community. 

Are you building a community and tapping into the advantages that only a social community can offer?  


Online Community vs. Social Media

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Top Posters In This Topic

That's a good point. One that needs to be considered before making a forum. Often people benefit more from a blog rather than a community. For me, I like to provide information on about the differences in forum software, free and paid through my blog FreeForumHosting.com, while giving them the option to go seek advice on our community platform Admin Junkies. I've posted articles on both Admin Junkies and FreeForumHosting.com and comparing the Google results, FreeForumHosting.com has better results despite it being new. Google prefers a blog to push content on.

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